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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2005 Ford Powerstroke 6.0 Diesel

From: Jon Barnett []
Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2008 1:42 PM
Subject: 2005 6.0 Diesel in F350
Importance: High

Before putting in the fitch catalyst, I was getting 11.5 mpg in town and 17.5 on the highway. Immediately after installation, there was a shocking perfect idle from my diesel engine and it was soooo quiet. That was worth the cost in itself!!! One week after installation, we took an 8 hour trip on the highway. The trip computer in the truck said we were getting 18.5 mpg. At the first fillup, we did the calculation and it was actually 22.4 averaging 70mph here in Texas, with 5mph crosswind!!!

In town I am getting 13.5-14.0 mpg. This will allow a full return on this investment in 4200 miles on my Diesel, thats a savings of almost .07c per mile driven. That takes Diesel prices down .35c/gallon, from $3.89 to $3.54 with the Fitch, if my calculations are correct, thats like a federal tax break!

We have installed this in our new 2008 Escalade and are awaiting a road trip for the findings on the large gas engine of GMs...

Will update again. THANKS!

Jon F Barnett


Westchase Technology Services, LLC

Houston, TX 77024-6002

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ford 6.4 Powerstroke - 2008 450

Things are good & the truck does get 1-2 miles more a gallon now with Fitch on it. Seems to run a little smoother with better throttle response.

John Nagle - Harrisville, RI

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ford 2005 Five Hundred - 3.0 liter - Fitch model F3824

Ford Focus - 2006 - 2.0 (Fitch model F3624)

Ford Focus - 2002 2.0 liter - Fitch model F3624

Ford F150 - 2003 - 5.4 liter - Fitch model F3424

Ford Explorer - 2003 - 5.4 - Fitch model F3424

Mounted right behind the radiator - The F3424 kit comes with Ford factory male & female fittings to easily adapt to the OEM fittings shown in this photo.

2005 Ford Expedition 5.4 - Fitch model F3424B

Ford 6.4 Powerstroke - 2008 450 - Fitch model F751036BP

Fairly easy installation - picked up 1 - 2 mpg

Jeep Commander - 5.7 Hemi - 2006 (Fitch model F4836B)

Dodge Neon SX - 2005 - 2.0 liter - Fitch Model F3624

Dodge Durango - 2000 - 5.9 Magnum - Fitch model F4624B

GSXR 750 - F5T installed

Fitch Model F5T - GSXR 750

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I have Fitch in EVERYTHING!!

I have a 1998 Ford Ranger. I bought it at an auction at a really cheap price. When I first got the truck I started to log my lileage to get my baseline. I was getting around 300 mi to the tank, which comes up to about 20-21 MPG. Since I added the fitch, I consistantly get over 400 mi to the tank. This means that I picked up around 7 MPG, bringing my total MPG to 27. This is great. When I calculated the savings, it comes up to over $1000 a year in savings on one vehicle. I now have the Fitch on my 1952 Willy's M38, Kubota tractor, 1998 Kawasaki Mule 2500 UTV, 2001 BMW 525i, 1995 Dodge Dakota, Kubota 20KW generator, water blaster, lawn mower and my Shindawa bush cutter and its in all my gas containers. Now all my equipment runs better and they are a lot easier to start. Also, when I store gas, even if it sits for long periods of time, the gas will not smell like varnish and always seems to be fresh. If I get any other equipment that run on Gas or Diesel, I'm definitely putting in a Fitch.

Thomas from Guam

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jeep Grand Cherokee - 1998

I just wanted to thank you for being so pleasant to deal with. I had ordered a Fitch kit for my 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the fuel fittings were larger and I returned them and in no time at all the proper ones were in my mail box. They fit on perfectly and I noticed an increase in fuel economy right away on my trip computer. Thanks again for the great service. I am now telling everyone I know the benefits of Fitch.

Grant Brooks
Jerseyville, Ontario

Dodge Hemi 5.7 2500 PU - Fitch model F4836B

3/8" OEM quick connect - using tool included in Fitch kit, separate your OEM lines male from female and connect to Fitch's male & female fuel lines

Fitch Model F4836B

Installed on 5.7 2500 Hemi Truck

GMC 1995 - 5.7 L

I ordered and installed a Fitch fuel system for a 1995, GMC 5.7L 2wd. I then headed out from Nampa Id. to El Pas, Tx (1340 miles). Upon average of 1,340 miles, the P/U received 20.92 mpg. The best tank ever (26 gals.) was around 17 mpg and I usually got 14.5 to 16.3 mpg. Needless to say, this upgrade is best bang for the buck I have done. I figure I received 15.5 mpg on the highway average and just under 14 mpg city. I don't know what the city mpg will be yet but if it is anything like the highway mpg, I will definitely be pleased. So far, this is well over a 20% increase in mpg on the highway and I am hoping to get a 12-15% increase in the city environment. I will be buying 2 more units when funds are available for my other vehicles. Great Product.


Michael Healey, TX

Just a comment....I just ordered a F5T for my "new" snowmobile. I already have Fitch on my Suburban and in my other sled and am completely happy. Thanks for a great product.

James S. Allen (Jim)
Wetmore, MI

I Fitched my Z-28

My 94 Z-28 with an LT-1, 350 engine went from 30.9 to 33.7 mpg using the Fitch.

Mike Rommel

My VW Jetta VR6 2000 model, 2007 BMW F800s, 1991 Honda EZ 90, and my 1979 Kawasaki SR650 all have the Fitch.

The VW has a 13% increase in fuel economy.
The BMW I don’t know yet, too new.
The Honda has less exhaust smoke and easier starting.
The 79 Kawi has better fuel economy, easier starting, and black build up has been coming off the inside of the exhaust pipes leaving an almost new appearance!

Amazing! Thank you.
Colby Riblet

Bedford, VA

Toyota RAV 4 - 2003

“We installed an F200 catalyst into our Toyota RAV 4, 2wd, 2003 the day before our
road trip to the keys. We did not have to refuel until after 5 days and obtained around 50 extra miles. We traveled over 300 miles in that trip. Today after 3 months, I consistently receive 50 miles (city + 1 day long distance commute) to 80 extra miles (city w/ 3 days long distance commute). So far, we are very happy with the results and are going to install a catalyst in our other vehicle.”

Adriana Sanchez Gomez, Founder and CEO ~ Energy Consultants (FL)

“My 2004 Subaru Forester Turbo (4 cylinder) was rated on the window sticker to get 19
MPG city and 23 highway. I had the Fitch 6T installed in late April 2005 and have averaged
22 MPG in the city. That’s a 16% increase, plus the car runs more smoothly and it cleans
up the whole fuel injection system even though I continue to use premium grade fuel. On a
recent highway trip I got 26-27 MPG (a 15% improvement over its rated highway MPG of
22). In August 2005 I ordered two more for both of our family’s other vehicles, a 1998
Subaru Legacy GT (4 cyl) and a 1999 Chevy Silverado pickup (V8). I also use the small
drop-in units in a gas tank for my weed eater and lawnmower. Before I used to have to pull
the chain several times and a lot of black smoke came out. Now they start right up with no

John Yeradi, (KS)

20 Year Old Honda - Never Ran Better

So far so good! Started every time and runs better then it ever did and I thought it was running pretty good before. In fact it has never started as good as it is starting now using Fitch. If it continues this will be one hot 20 year old car with 227, 000 miles and some rust. I'm getting 31 - 35 mpg, maybe it will increase some.

Even with using Fitch in my lawn mower, I'm cutting 12 inch or taller grass with year old gas and never missing a beat. Didn't run that good with new gas and my neighbors brand new mower bogs down all the time.

James Woodruff

Thanks for a great product!!!

I get better overall performance, smoother running engine and even a slight improvement on fuel economy even though I drive very aggressively.

Felix Esposito
Morris, CT

“I installed a Fitch Fuel Catalyst on my 1972 Nova with a 383 stroker blower motor 1-4 barrel carb. I have noticed the car just plain RUNS BETTER!!! When I pulled the car out this year, I filled up with super and the car would just not run good. I had very noticeable pre-ignition problems. Now with Fitch, there are no more problems – nothing but awesome power and smooth performance.”

Mike Santor

I installed the Fitch canister on my Wrangler about two weeks ago. The install was easy which was nice because I'm not a mechanic & only have the most basic tools. I definitely noticed a little better throttle response and power. What's really important to me though, is the increased mileage. My Jeep is modified: lift, gears, tires, motor. I was getting about 17.8 MPG and it's too soon to give you an accurate average, but the numbers for my first fill-up without having been off road, look like I'm getting about 20.5 MPG. I'm surprised!

It's a real pleasure to purchase a product that performs as advertised. The FFC kicks a$$.

Thank you.

Harley - Arizona

I'm an old gear-head, cutting my teeth on a number of 1960's and 1970's muscle cars. Now in my fifties, I can't get enough of shows like Horespower TV. On a recent episode, the techs ran some impressive tests on a high-performance engine with a Fitch fuel catalyst, showing increased power and improved fuel consumption, as well as reduced emissions. I knew I had to get one for my 1972 Ford Torino. With 86K original miles, it has a fresh 351C engine with lots of performance upgrades:

I emailed the folks at Fitch with my Torino specs, and they responded very quickly, recommending the appropriate catalyst unit for my application. After installing the Fitch unit, I had a dyno run on it, and it pulled another 10 horses without any kind of tuning. Not long after, I had to get the car smogged, and was quite worried since the last time I had the car tested for emissions, it failed. To my surprise, it passed with flying colors! Since this is really a fair-weather car, I only put a few hundred miles on it a year (not to mention a number of 1/4 mile runs at the local dragstrip). I can honestly say the car starts easier and runs better after long periods of non-use than it ever has. It's nice knowing I don't need to worry about the gas going sour from sitting in the tank for months on end. If you're like me, seeing is believing, and Fitch sure has made a believer out of me. You gotta get one!
Gary J. - Eagle, ID

I ordered a Fitch Fuel Catalyst (F3824) for my 2004 Taurus SES 3.0 just over a month ago. I am happy to report, my city driving went from 18.2 mpg to 21.6 mpg and highway driving was ~24 mpg and went to 27.7 These are conservative measurements over 583 miles.

I am very impressed. At $4.00 a gallon my Fitch Fuel Catalyst will be paid for before the first year of use.

Jim Rudnicki
Niles Community Schools
Niles High School

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Diesel Trucks

From Eddie Adler of Marrero, Louisiana

Dear Fitch,

Just wanted to let you know just how good the Fitch Fuel Catalyst system works. The first thing I noticed was the power. It felt like I put an additive in the fuel tank.

The second thing I noticed was that the black smoke that a diesel produces when you are under full throttle was cut in half. This is a great product!